Contributions sur les systèmes d’information et le réseautage dans la Santé.
Contributions sur les systèmes d’information et le réseautage dans la Santé.
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jeudi 3 juillet 2008


Although a networked PHR would provide significant benefits to consumers, the exchange of health data over an electronic network poses serious concerns. Confidentiality of personal health information is a core American value. There is evidence that Americans support a network for health information exchange — if security and confidentiality safeguards are sufficient.

Framework Consumer Network p.9 by Connecting for Health

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  1. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are different from PHRs in that they are used by clinicians rather than consumers and patients. EHRs are designed to replace and improve upon the paper patient “chart.” We do not envision PHRs as a substitute for the professional and legal obligation for recordkeeping by health care professionals and entities.

    Personal Health Records (PHRs) encompass a wide variety of applications that enable individuals to collect, view, manage, or share their health information and conduct health-related transactions electronically. Although there are many variants, PHRs are intended to facilitate an individual’s ability to bring together (or designate others to help them bring together) their personal health information into an application that the individual (or a designee) controls. PHRs may contain data developed and managed by health-related institutions as well as information developed by the individual.

    Comment by contact — 3 juillet 2008 @ 8:47

  2. … traduction libre à venir… patience

    Comment by contact — 3 juillet 2008 @ 8:48

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